It can be done casually as gardening knowledge is shared openly whenever we are in your garden. If you would love to learn organic gardening tips, this interactive opportunity exists while we are there.

 Gourmand Gardens offers you also the opportunity to learn about the topic of your choice through private gardening classes with Paul (MSc Agroecology), your personal garden coach.

Example of topics can be: Plant propagation, DIY plant fertilizer, Permaculture, Botany, Fruit tree pruning, Soil Science basics, No-till gardens, etc.

Whether you need a teacher or just some professional guidance, Paul loves to encourage and empower his clients to become stewards of their land. He has led various workshops about Garden ecology, Edible landscaping and Permaculture/Food forestry for adults and children.

Please get in touch if you'd like to book Paul for a workshop, private class or coaching sessions. He also offers his services in French!

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